What is D-Now The Chicopee Baptist youth group will be participating in the Disciple Now weekend being hosted by Lakewood Baptist church March 1-3. D-Now is a weekend long event dedicated to helping our youth grow more courageous in their faith, and develop into the men or women God has called them to be. How will D-Now weekend work? If your youth decides to join us for D-Now You would Drop them off at the Youth Building of Chicopee Baptist Church 13 1st street Gainesville Ga 30504 between 4:30pm and 5:00pm on Friday March 1st. Our youth group will depart from the youth building at  5:45pm to head for the 2-3 host homes, where your child will be staying for the duration of D-Now weekend. From there they will be a part of large group worship sessions at Lakewood, where they will be lead in worship along will hundreds of students from different churches around our area. They will be taught to be UNITED as the body of Christ. They will participate in a service activity to serve and help fill a need in our area. They will also be a part of small group bible studies in their host homes. For further information a schedule of this event is at the bottom of this form.   Where will my child be staying? Your child will be staying in the home of one of our trusted members under the supervision of at least two chaperones of the same gender. The host homes are divided by gender with the young women being in one home, and the young men being in one or two separate host homes depending on numbers.   Registration For a student to be eligible to attend D-Now they will need to
  • Fill out the registration form at bottom of youth page Due 2/6/18
  • Have a Yearly waiver on file (bottom of youth page) Due 2/6/18
  • 30$ to pay for the expenses. Due 2/6/18 (none of this goes to our church)
Please do not let money be the reason your youth does not attend!! The church has scholarships available and we will not allow a willing youth to miss out because they cannot pay. Please contact me if your youth will need a scholarship to attend. (Info at bottom)


5:00pm                     Drop off @ Chicopee youth building
5:15pm                     Dinner @ Chicopee youth building
5:45pm                     Depart for host homes
7:00pm                     Doors Open / Preshow in Worship Center
7:30pm                     WORSHIP SESSION #1
9:00pm                     Dismiss and travel to Host Homes
9:30pm                     Small Group Session #1
10:30pm                      Free time 11:30pm                   Lights Out!
8:00am                     Breakfast & Quiet Times in Host Homes
10:45am                   Doors Open to Worship Center
11:00am                   WORSHIP SESSION #2   
12:30pm                       LUNCH at Lakewood
1:00pm                       United Serving experience
5:45pm                     Dinner in Host Homes
7:15pm                     Doors open at Lakewood
7:30pm                        WORSHIP SESSION #3
9:30pm                     Dismiss and travel to Host Homes   
8:00am                    Breakfast & Quiet Times in Host Homes
9:00am                     Pack and clean host home
10:00am                   Sunday school @ Chicopee
12:00ish                    Pick up youth from Chicopee (following service)