NOVEMBER 27, 2022

Welcome to our Sunday morning worship service for all generations. If someone is wearing a mask, out of love for our brothers and sisters, please kindly consider putting on a mask before approaching and keep a safe distance. Also, please
  1. Sanitize your hands.
  2. Social distance from non-household members when appropriate.
  3. Ask permission before approaching someone’s personal space.
Be sure to explore the menu to find where you can submit a prayer request, contact us, gather information and more!
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NGUMC: Let Us Pray Together: 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting
Prayer Time
Please come join us for prayer at 9:00 am on Sunday Mornings in Room A113 (Bathroom Hallway).
Practicing Piety: A Bible Study for Asbury's Worship (March 6 & 7) | Asbury United Methodist Church
Bible Studies
We would like to invite you to come on Wednesday night for Bible Study at 6:30pm and Sunday School on Sunday morning at 10:00am. Bible study available for all ages. Nursery provided. Come join us! Contact Pastor Clyde for more details
Call or text: (770) 536-3761
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Sermon Notes
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Like Coffee?

We would love to invite you to The Coffee Spot where you can sit, visit with friends, and have a cup of coffee. See you soon in the first room on the left on the kitchen hallway


Are you afraid you may fall in the parking lot when it rains? Is the weather too much to try to get all the kids out of the car and across the parking lot? We want everyone to be able to come to church and experience the holy and living Jesus Christ. For your convenience, the Deacon Ministry team has started a valet-parking ministry. To use the valet service on rainy or cold days, just pull up to the door under the portico, and someone will  help you in and go park your car for you. After the service they will bring your car back to the portico for you.

Trouble Hearing the Service?

Do you struggle to hear what is said during the service? We do have hearing devices to assist available in the back of the church on a table or at the tech booth. Let us know if it helps!

Serving Opportunities

Our church is growing and we need your help by  volunteering in nursery, preschool, children or youth on Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday evenings. We will be setting up a rotation schedule. If you would like to volunteer, we will have a sign-up sheet in the welcome center, email or you can text/call (770) 536-3761

Hearts and Hands Ministry
If you have ever experienced that moment when someone you love has passed away, you know the last thing on your mind in the moment is usually how to feed yourself or your family. Over the next several days a flurry of activity follows and simply planning food can become an overwhelming task. What an incredible blessing when someone is able to help in this area during the time of grief and, sometimes, in time of illness or tragedy. The simple gesture can mean so much.

We are in need of people to help in providing food when there is a need within our church family. Would you prayerfully consider being part of the ministry team? If you can help you need to sign-up at the welcome center, online, or you can call/text our team leader, Gail Bailey, at (678)549-9237 or email her at

Thank you for being the heart and hands of Christ when people hurt the most.
Youth Prayer Team
Partner with the youth ministry by becoming a member of the youth ministry prayer team. You will receive regular updates and specific needs to be praying for. For questions, contact Brian text/call (770) 536-3761 or email him at

This year, on SUN. DEC. 11th, we will have our annual church Christmas Dinner right after church. You have the opportunity to adopt a table and decorate the centerpiece for a table. To adopt a table, please contact Gail Bailey (678) 549-9231


SAT. DEC. 12th at 7:00 p.m, go with us to see      The Getty’s for a special Christmas Concert. Keith & Kristyn and friends will  perform at Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville. Tickets are available at or call 770-532-6307


Would you like to support your church while you shop on Amazon? Just go to and choose Chicopee Baptist Church as your charity. You can also choose Chicopee on your Amazon App. A portion of your purchase will be donated to Chicopee.

If you have had a loved one pass away during 2022 and would like a rose placed on the altar in their memory on DEC. 18th, please contact Pastor Clyde.
MARCH 31-APRIL 2, 2023
Would you be interested in going on an international mission trip? We are planning on going to Nepal with RU4 Missions MARCH 31th – APRIL 7th 2023. Training begins in just a few weeks on Sunday afternoons. Sign up now if you are interested, please email call/text (770) 536-3761.
We are moving our online giving platform to a new service that will save the church money and record gifts better. If you need any help or have questions, please contact Pastor Clyde and he will help you get set up.
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