Our Desire

We are a warm and caring church seeking to glorify God by developing disciple-makers of all ages. 

Our Strategy to make a difference . . .

We strive to GLORIFY GOD by genuinely CARING for individuals, intentionally CONNECTING  people in real relationships, with Christ and others, providing opportunities for them to GROW in their life to live an active biblical life, and each person ENGAGING in  serving others.


: About People

We truly care  about people. No matter the joy or the hurt, the blessing or the difficulty, we extend the compassionate and loving hand of God to others. 


: To Jesus & Others
We intentionally seek to connect people in relationship with Christ and the Worship of Christ. In addition, we strive to connect people with others which produces an environment where all people are loved and cared for.


: Grow Together
We are committed to growth both as individuals and as a body of believers. We create opportunities for everyone to grow to live an actively Biblical life as Christ desires. We believe His word to be life-changing fountain and foundation.


: Make a Difference
Every person is vital to the well being of our faith community. The church is at its best when each individual engages in some capacity to serve others. Each person is vital to the healthiness of a community of faith.We make the biggest impact in people’s lives and build God’s Kingdom by doing it together.

Our Beliefs:

What we believe is grounded in the uncompromising truth of God’s Word. We find within it directions for life, freedom, and hope. From a theological standpoint we adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 which we believe encapsulates our doctrine and expresses our common belief system.