Undeserved Kindness

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2 Samuel 9
Have you ever been shown kindness without deserving or earning it? Maybe it came from a stranger or from someone you loved. What would you think if you were granted unexpected blessings from one you thought would never notice you and would consider you an enemy? Join us today as we discover a great truth when a King extends undeserved kindness to an outcast from a place of nothing! The best part of this discovery is knowing there is a King that has extended undeserved kindness to you and I everyday of our lives. As we rush through our days, the kindness He has granted to us is often forgotten or taken for granted. Be reminded and encouraged today that you have access and dwell within the King’s love and resources. Enjoy a new life today!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGeNSiUG2xU&list=PLdGLnGJVYAG-XbymeUyh5TyqxRqBc7T30Undeserved Kindness” from How Great is Our God? by Clyde Self. Released: 2019. Track 4.